Blueprint Design Group, Inc.


WE ARE BLUEPRINT — an inventive graphic design studio based in Riverside, Illinois, a historic suburb of Chicago.


We strive by searching for original ways to be creative. WE WANT TO BE DIFFERENT – to push past the expected and infuse our work with persuasive personality. We translate your ideas into results that visually communicate with your audience. Designs guaranteed to influence. Those results won’t happen if we only rely on our design prowess. Any design firm can do that. 

WE WANT TO KNOW YOU: to know what makes you tick; what motivates you; and, in the end, what will get you the outcome you are seeking. That is what makes Blueprint rare.

We don’t have work. We have clients. Clients that were with us when we opened our doors over 15 years ago. Clients that share our work with their colleagues, friends and family because they know Blueprint focuses on building an authentic relationship with you so that you can make a lasting connection with your target. 

You see, the bridge between our design and your audience begins with you.

Our deep understanding of your individuality incorporates your vision with compelling ideas and emotive designs to create memorable results. 
Memorable results brave the test of time. They thrive. When we see you thrive, we know we have succeeded.



OUR CLIENTS ARE BIG, SMALL AND EQUALLY IMPORTANT. We have cultivated relationships with clients that result in honest, meticulously crafted work that enlightens, motivates and persuades. We are great at communicating. We’re smart and do everything: branding, packaging, publications, posters, books, press kit materials, exhibitions, signage and websites.

Contact us. Not only will we bring a fresh design perspective that lasts, we will become the firm that makes your business successful because we understand you.